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The Sandy Side of Michigan

Coast Guard Air Station in Traverse City Fleet Upgraded to MH-60 Jayhawks

The United States Coast Guard maintains a helicopter rescue fleet in Traverse City, Michigan to serve as search and rescue for a very large area of the Great Lakes.

The helicopter fleet is in the process of being upgraded to a new model of helicopter.

From MI News 26

The Coast Guard Air Station in Traverse City is rearranging their fleet to better serve the areas around lake Michigan.

Nationally, the Coast Guard has been taking a look at several factors in their efforts to better allocate resources.

The current helicopter fleet in Traverse City consists of four MH-65 Dolphins, which have a flight range of about 240 miles.

The new fleet will consist of MH-60 Jayhawks, which have a flight range of around 600 miles.

The Traverse City air station covers all of lake Michigan, and officials at the station say the new helicopters will allow them to do more.

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