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The Sandy Side of Michigan


Mi Story

The Western Michigan Lakeshore is it’s own special piece of paradise.

God created many special places in the world, and the West Coast of Michigan is where the extensive sand dunes meet the beautiful blue freshwater. Awesome sunsets, great people, and breathtaking views are all included at no charge.

My name is Andy Keson, and I was blessed enough to be born in West Michigan, and have spent most of my life here. It was confusing as a youngster to understand that friends and family outside of West Michigan didn’t have a beautiful beach on a beautiful lake for which to swim, fish, and play.

Lake Michigan provides a unique climate to the West Side of Michigan. Temperatures are moderated, providing cooler summers and warmer winters. This creates unique growing conditions for specialized crops. The large body of water also affects precipitation patterns- especially snowfall.

Tourists travel from far and wide to join the local residents in their enjoyment of Michigan’s West Coast.