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The Sandy Side of Michigan

West Michigan Mountain Bike Trails: Arcadia Dunes

From Youtube Joseph Lampen:

The Arcadia Dunes mountain bike trail is located right along the Lake Michigan lakeshore in the northern part of the state. It’s one of the most scenic single track trails I’ve ridden, including a couple of views of Lake Michigan from the trail. Its about 12.5 miles long for the large loop, but there is a short, 2ish mile loop that utilizes the western part of the main loop with a cut-off. The trail has a fair amount of elevation to it, so you’ll definitely get a good cardio work out, and it also has some great technical sections that will improve your handling abilities.

The day I rode the trail, there had been quite a bit of rain and some wind so several trees were down and the trail was a bit slick (no mud, though) and littered with sticks so I had to take it a bit slower than I would have liked. This is a destination trail in my opinion, and definitely worth driving to ride.

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