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The Sandy Side of Michigan


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1 month ago

MI West Coast

Celebrate Petoskey Stones!It’s National Fossil Day!

A Petoskey Stone is a fossil of a colony of coral that lived in a shallow sea 350 million years ago. The six-sided shapes are the skeletons of a coral polyp. The center of the hexagon was the mouth of the coral and the dark border were the tentacles that found food.

The Petoskey Stone is unique to the Great Lakes and is often found on the shores of Sleeping Bear Dunes.

Have you seen Petoskey Stones on the beach? Please remember to leave what you find for others to discover!

#NationalFossilDay #EarthScienceWeek

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2 months ago

MI West Coast

Many fish on the move in the Platte River!

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore
The conditions are right and the salmon are now moving from Platte bay up into the Platte river. Here they are having a party at the fish weir.

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