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The Sandy Side of Michigan

Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival 2018 by Michigan Drone Pros

Grand Haven, MI has one of the largest lakeside festivals in Michigan every summer. It is a grand celebration of the United States Coast Guard.

from Michigan Drone Pros – Professional Drone Aerial Photography & Video

In dedication & honor of the US Coast Guard: The parade of the Great Lakes Coast Guard ships are an amazing sight to see for the start of the annual Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival in Grand Haven, Michigan the first week of August. The Coast Guard ship fires water cannons at the spectators! Very cool! Everybody gets soaked, even myself! Filmed with a very small drone the size of your hand. Its called a DJI Mavic AIR. DJI is the top drone manufacturers in the world. The drone we were using is so small, it is designed to launch and land from the palm of your hand. I had my spotter person right next to me. She was monitoring the drone, making sure the area was secure during takeoffs and landings. She was also monitoring the drone in the sky, making sure we were far away from people, moving boats and ‘angry birds’. We had a half a dozen or more birds each taking their turn “dive-bombing” our drone in the air, so we have to keep the drone over the water at all times while avoiding the birds. I guess the drone was near their nesting area or something. We did notice there were other drones in the area at that time, so we had to steer clear from them too.

From Youtube Video Description

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